Cars, Nostalgia, Childhood, Tradition!


Ever since I was young, I was fascinated with cars. All types of cars! I grew up in a family where cars were admired. My father, grandfather, and older brother are all blue collar men and the first two were mechanics. I remember my dad always fixing up an old school car in the home garage and his work garage. He would always be messing around with his “projects”.

Now, I’m not a mechanic; I went to community college and became a lawyer. I make a good living and I own a hot rod (for fun), I bought one for my brother as a project to work on, and I also on a couple of luxury cars. A lot of people think that is extravagant, but I say, to each their own. I don’t judge others, and I don’t care for others to judge me.

When I feel stressed out, I like to invite my dad and brother over to go over the latest in cars. We also work on my cars. Just the smell of the leaked oil, rubber of the tires, old car parts like an almost worn out engine or transmission… ah, the memories and the nostalgia.

Once in a rare while, I’ll test out luxury car. This is OC’s go to luxury car rental company. They have always treated me well. They have a good variety of luxury cars, customer service is pretty sweet (as it should be), and the rates are decent (not highway robbery… pun intended!)

The next thing to do is to camp in San Diego with my own son. I think it will be a bonding experience. I will rent a Lexus, something cool like that, and maybe we can do a Pacific Coast Highway trip.

What could be better than passing on the tradition to my son? Cars, nostalgia, childhood!