Planning Parties Is Hard Work

I work in a big company, in the HR department. HR may stand for “human resources” but trust me when I say, I handle way more than just the necessary work. If you have been working somewhere for a long time (over two or three years), you tend to become friends with the people you work with (well, in a good amount of cases). Not all the time, but most cases. So, yes, while I handle a lot of things, people tend to assign me a little bit more of the “fun duties” such as… planning parties.

Our company is a big enough company. Not only do we throw an end of the year party for our own people (our co-workers), but we also throw parties for clients… and those tend to be way more fun.

Why so much fun?

The budgets! I love helping out the official party planners within the company. One day, I want to transfer to that department.

For example, we once held a party for a client who wanted his guests to have delicious hors d’oeuvres, be entertained, have a small dance floor. Since I have connections, I rang up the crew at Juggling Inferno corporate entertainers and hired a couple of the fire jugglers. Not only did we have entertained guests, but they had questions for the entertainers afterwards. In fact, that was the best part of the night for them.

party setting

Of course, we took care in elegantly decorating the place. It still had to be a classy affair. We stuck to good lighting: not too bright but enough light so people could move about comfortably, see each other’s faces, hold good conversations. This party was held at night, starting at 9 pm, so we had to nail this part.

This should have been discussed earlier but location is ESSENTIAL! Depending on the budget you have, you need to select a spot that your client (the host) will love as well as set the tone for the evening, whether it’s fun and playful, or sleek, or casual.

Five years later, this person is still our client and trusts us to throw parties for him.