What Is PlayBox HD?

I have been hooked on Netflix and Showtime for so long that when a friend name dropped Playbox HD, I had no clue what it was. In fact, I felt a little “behind the times” for not knowing which never feels good! Right after meeting up with him, I decided I would go home and look into it myself. I had quite a few questions in my mind such as why would anyone want to choose PlayBox HD over market dominating apps such as Netflix or Hulu Plus?

Here we go!

What IS PlayBox HD?

While Netflix offers a wide variety of movies and hit series of its own, the truth is that new movies and cable series come at a very delayed time. Sometimes six months to a year behind new seasons that cable are playing. While I think Netflix is the bees knees, I can understand why people want more updated content and faster.

Step into the world of PlayBox HD. This app offers the latest movies and comes with quite a few bells and whistles such as multi-language support and a very slick and easy to use interface. Believe it or not, these things that we take for granted can sometimes be lacking in basic features.

Yes, first and foremost, PlayBox HD is free to use and considered safe as well. It also supports Google Chromecast and is extremely compatible. Not only that, but the quality of the movies, series, and cartoons is pretty sick (meaning high quality!)

Not only that, but it is available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac devices. Of course, it can be set up for your computer as well. One feature that I love is it supports all language subtitles for the movies it offers.

Is PlayBox HD For YOU?

Only you can answer that! For me, there was no harm in downloading and messing around with the app. In fact, at first I got frustrated until that very same friend came to my aid. A couple of tweaks and bam, I was so happy to have downloaded this app.

Immediately, I was impressed by the interface. The categories made everything so simple and easy to choose from. The selection was pretty cool because right off the bat, I saw the newest movies. For someone like me who has let go of cable, this was like Christmas. I don’t go to the movies nearly as much because they can be sort of expensive; not just that, but the moviegoers themselves can be rude. Why would I pay nearly $13 a ticket only to have people answer phone calls or text message people during the movie? I can’t believe manners are dying this fast among millennials!

With updated movie selections, there will rarely be a need for me to to waste money at the movies unless I am going out on a date.

In Conclusion…

PlayBox HD is definitely worth your time. If you don’t have cable (even if you do!), download this app and start playing away. I highly recommended this little jewel of an offering.