There Are Always Other Options!

It is funny how the use of weed springs up images of unsuccessful people wasting away their day, not able to focus on anything but their high. Right? Isn’t that what our parents ingrained in us that marijuana is this big, bad drug, a scary doorway to the much worse drugs out there. You want to get anywhere in life? Say no to marijuana, Kid!

Fair enough. Kids and teenagers do have impressionable minds and, yes, they do not possess the capacity to evaluate the seriousness of the decisions they may make regarding drinking alcohol or drugs.

However, the problem is, marijuana is more than “just a drug”. It is not the harmful drug it is made out to be. Let’s take a look at how this weed can help a lot of people when not used as a drug, but rather for medicinal purposes.

medicinal marijuana

Easing Anxiety

People who have never suffered from anxiety believe that anxiety is an emotion that can be controlled; they think this is something a person can just “snap out of”. This is not true. The intensity of a panic attack can vary. Some people may feel sad and depressed, some people may cry, but some may get some serious symptoms such as rapid heart beat (mimicking a heart attack!) and shortness of breath. These last two symptoms can be extremely scary especially if you have not experienced a panic attack before.

There is no denying that certain medications do wonders in calming patients down but they can also have certain side effects that patients don’t care for. For people suffering from anxiety on a fairly regular basis, taking medications with side effects can hinder with their productivity and overall quality of their life.

With medicinal marijuana, a lot of patients experience the benefits of relaxation and calming down without feeling those side effects. While some of the medications require downtime (sleepiness for hours!), patients do not experience this with medicinal marijuana.

Easing Nausea

This holds true for a lot patients who receive chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Unfortunately, we have no made advancements where patients can receive chemotherapy without extreme nausea. In such cases, it is so extreme that this can cause patients to be sick for hours on end. They will also experience lack of hunger due to feeling sick.

For a lot of these patients, medicinal marijuana does the trick. It eases their feelings of nausea and wanting to throw up, if not completely. This helps because now these patients can eat; extreme weight loss can haunt a lot of patients due to not having any appetite.

It has taken a long time for politicians to change their view on medicinal marijuana and while we have a long way to go, the overall view regarding this topic has shifted a lot, towards the positive. You can find many dispensaries and the San Diego Marijuana Delivery is another convenient way for patients to access their prescribed medicinal marijuana effectively and reliably.

Of course, it is always recommended that you do your own research, read reviews thoroughly, and make up your own mind, as no one solution is beneficial for everyone.