Facing My Demons & Finally Conquering Them

I will never forget that fateful day. A few years ago, when I learned of my grandfather’s death through my mom, it threw me in for a loop. Let me give you a bit of history so that this, perhaps, may make any sense to you.

When my mom became pregnant with me, my father decided a month before my delivery that he would get up and leave without ever telling my mom anything. He didn’t even have the courtesy to leave her a note or to talk to my older siblings or his own parents. My mom was left devastated and alone without a caring partner. This can be awful in its own but since she was pregnant, my grandparents confessed to me that it almost took a toll on the pregnancy itself. Though my mother was without the love of her life, she had both my father’s parents and her own to babysit throughout the years, as well as financial support (thankfully).

Those Tricky Teen Years…

In my teens, I became quite the handful. Years of never having seen my father coupled with watching my friends celebrate happy father’s day holidays, I became a reckless teen. Sure, I loved my mom but she could not make up for the lack of his presence. It would only be many years later I would understand that I don’t need him. However, don’t explain this to a teenager. All I knew was, everyone else had a dad to play ball with, go camping, and much more. I didn’t. It didn’t help that sometimes bullies would run their mouths. Of course, I had friends who are like brothers to me today. Friends whose fathers would include me and my family in family events, barbecues, coach me, and help me get far in life.

The positive influences would save me in the long run. However, during college years and away from all the people I loved, I would lose sight of my goals. Somehow, I became a functional alcoholic. On the surface, everything would seem grand. After all, I was not only passing my classes, but most of the time, I’d be on the President’s List. I would come to join a social club or a sports club. I held a part-time job, dated girls, had my fun. What every typical student does, but much worse, and could easily hide it with my seemingly-happy-go-lucky smile and attitude.


Until that day. I was driving from the airport to my grandparent’s home when I decided to stop by the local town bar and (shamefully) got drunk. Way over the legal limit. I don’t remember much from then on but apparently I thought I could still drive. That cocky attitude would lead to me hitting another car and crashing into a poll.

Thank God For That DUI!

Thankfully, I got a DUI (yes, thankfully!) and the other family did not get hurt. That was my breakthrough moment when I saw how my reckless actions could have stolen other people’s lives.

As awful as that situation was, my family got me the help I needed. I hired a pretty reputable Denver DUI lawyer who helped me through the process. Today, I stand a changed man and for the better. My family is very proud of me and I actually ended up meeting my lawyer as well as the family that was involved in the accident caused by me. I have recommended that lawyer to several folks over my lifetime and I thank my lucky stars for all the people who have gotten me to this point… as should you.