Why It Is Important To Enjoy Australia!

Summer in August can be cruel. I’m a wanderlust which means I love to travel and I have visited Australia three times in the last five years. Every time I am here, I fall even more in love with the people, food, culture in each town, the sites, and oh God… the surf sessions are so intense! Let’s not even talk about the accents.

Did I mention how intense surfing can get here? The waves are amazing, though a bit violent. However, if you are a surfer, you are addicted to the wave and the danger that comes with it? Well, that’s something to deal with now, isn’t it? Not only that but the locals seem like they don’t care about the threat in the water. Seriously, if you have ever seen the specials about Great White Sharks in Australian waters, you will know what I mean. They seem to have a very casual, mildly cautious attitude about this.

Everything was going great the other day when all of a sudden, it felt a bit “warm” at the apartment I have leased for the month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cheaper option given that I plan most things last minute. Not giving it much thought, an hour later, I started to really feel some heat. I went over to my heating and cooling central unit only to realize that the AC unit wasn’t working as I had set it. I had set it to 78 and yet the thermostat was noting 80 degrees. When I switched it to heating, the heat would definitely kick on, just not the AC.

how i felt

The landlord called Snowman central heating installation. I must admit, they came within two hours. Given that it’s that time of the year, the summer season where half the units seem to stop functioning, I can appreciate someone coming out that quickly.

Apparently, the fix was simple at first. The technician believed I needed “Freon” but after that, he realized the air wouldn’t kick on. Then they had to go outside and replace parts. All said and done, three hours later, I had some cool air kickin’ in my sweet bachelor pad!

In fact, the next day my buddy called me to report that his air conditioner and heating unit wasn’t working properly either and that he had called two other places. Both had told him they couldn’t come to see him for at least 2-3 days. They could come the next day, but that would be an additional $75. My buddy does alright but none of us want to pay extra and $75 could be used for groceries or another bill. Not to mention, he didn’t know how much fixing the unit would cost.

I recommended him Snowman as well. He made the call late that day and left a message. They called him back at 9:15 am and were there by noon. Talk about quick service! In the end, it cost my friend $125 for some part that needed to be replaced but he was glad to have air running again.

Any way, it is time to hit the surf again. I look forward to a summer full of hot women, surfing, traveling, and growing!